DIY - Tin and Jar Makeover

How to give a glass jar and two tins a little makeover - quick and easy peasy ;)

You will literally only need:
  • newspaper
  • white spray paint
  • tins or jars
  • contact paper
  • scissors

It's literally as easy as it looks.

STEP 01:
Cut out shapes using contact paper, remove the back and stick to the areas you want to protect from painting.

STEP 02: Spray It
The only part you might find a little tricky is the actual spray painting. The trick is to spray from a short distance (about 30cm). If you get too close or spray paint over wet paint, drops of white paint will form and run down the sides. Apply a light coat of paint, let it dry and spray paint again.

You can clearly see I was a little too excited with the spray paint ;) 

Claudia Jones

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