Petal Collection

12:06 PM

I once heard someone say creative people are there to bring colour into our lives and well, I am here to splash your world with colour in everlasting-petal-art-creations.

“How did you come up with this?” I’m so glad you asked! 

I received a beautiful bunch of white roses and were quite sentimental about them. I wanted to find a way of keeping them forever AND have them displayed at the same time. Coming up with the Petal Collection Concept was definitely an ah-haa, lightbulb moment for me.

I think flowers need more recognition, therefor I create artworks that put emphasis on the flowers and let the line art be a starting point for the imagination. There is something so calming about the entire process, from discovering new flowers every day to growing my own or buying them. 

Every artwork has been rewarding and each day I find my appreciation for nature grow more and more. My artworks are made with REAL petals (dried and/or frozen), other plant life and loads of love!

I work in two ways:

  • placing petals into patterns, taking the photo and digitally adding my line drawings
  • starting with my hand drawing and then placing the flowers and/or petals

The concept of each artwork is my own. I get inspiration from anything and everything around me, colourful memories and to be honest a simple idea that comes to mind!

Digital downloads of the artworks are available on my Etsy Store and already uniquely framed artworks are available on request.

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